ChainPeptides Oy selected to participate in the HealthTech Bootcamp at Lund, Sweden

We are thrilled to announce that ChainPeptides, a cutting-edge biotech startup, has been selected to participate in the prestigious HealthTech Bootcamp base in Lund, Sweden.

This highly competitive program, organized by SmiLe Incubator, offers a unique opportunity for emerging health technology companies to accelerate their growth, gain invaluable industry insights, and connect with industry leaders and investors. ChainPeptides’ innovative approach to applying peptide-based antimicrobial peptides to prevent the spread of infection by medical devices earned them a well-deserved spot in the 8th bootcamp.

ChainPeptides’ breakthrough technology and innovative approach to utilizing chain peptides in medical devices deeply impressed the selection committee. And ChainPeptides’ participation in the HealthTech Bootcamp not only validates the exciting potential of chain peptides but also helps to position ChainPeptides at the forefront of infection free medical device innovation.

During the bootcamp, ChainPeptides will have access to world-class facilities, industry networks, and expert guidance. This immersive experience will enable them to refine their product positioning, validate their business model, and forge valuable partnerships within the healthcare industry. By leveraging the knowledge and resources available at the HealthTech Bootcamp, ChainPeptides aims to accelerate the development and commercialization of their groundbreaking peptide-based solutions. The utilization of chain peptides in medical devices represents a paradigm shift in healthcare technology. With their unique properties and versatile applications, chain peptides have the potential to rapidly revolutionize disinfection technology for medical devices.

Stay tuned for more updates on this remarkable journey!

To learn more about ChainPeptides and their participation in the HealthTech Bootcamp, visit Smile Incubator’s Bootcamp page.

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