ChainPeptides has developed a peptide-based antimicrobial technology that is effective against a wide spectrum of microorganisms. It can be used in medical devices to minimize the incidence and severity of HAIs. By using our chain peptide-based technology into their medical devices, manufacturers will be able to offer products with cutting-edge qualities to address microbial infections, particularly those triggered by antibiotic-resistant strains. In-vitro tests on our main product have produced exciting and encouraging results.

Our products offer a potent solution to the rising problem of HAIs, lowering morbidity and mortality while also lessening the economic burden on healthcare resources.

Reduced use of antibiotic drugs

Decrease in morbidity and mortality

Decreased number of days of hospital stay

Lower financial burden on healthcare resources

Improved quality of life of the patients

Advantages of Our Product:

  • The molecule has efficacy: Broad-spectrum antimicrobials
  • Safer, tested by the ISO 10993-5 (2009), & ISO 10993-12 (2012)
  • Easy to manufacture
  • Prevent biofilm formation
  • Stable against proteolytic degradation, elevated temperature, salt, and pH

Antimicrobial Activity of
Chain Peptides

  • 1 µg
  • 2µg
  • 4µg
  • 8µg
  • 20µg

Escherichiacoli ATCC 25922

Klebsiellapneumoniae ATCC 10031

Pseudomonasaeruginosa ATCC 27853

Staphylococcusaureus ATCC 25923

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